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Customised Employment

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Specialised Job Customisation is an individualised approach to vocational supports and services, one person at a time. 

It consists of two stages: 

1. Discovery 

2. Job Creation

The goal of Specialised Job Customisation is to tailor jobs / self employment to fit the skills, interests, strengths and support needs of the individual whilst meeting the needs of the business / the market (community) for a service or product.

Discovery is about creating a "recipe" tailor made specifically to the individual to include all the "ingredients" to create the most suitable and sustainable employment pathways.

A process of getting to know an individual that enables a picture of the person to emerge. Discovery relies on experiential situations in real environments to reveal clues about vocational interests.  Discovery is the foundation upon which all customisation of employment rests.  In discovery, information is gathered about an individual's interests, strengths, the types of supports that are most effective, the skills the individual has, and the types of environments and activities where the person is at his / her best. This information is gathered in a series of interviews, observations, and activities that occur in natural environments and that are typical to the individual.

Job Creation is about matching all the information gathered during the Discovery and matching it to the most suitable work environment for the individual.

With the purpose of creating realistic, meaningful and sustainable employment.


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