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What every person should know when choosing an employment pathway.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

I have been planning to write a blog for a while now and was going to do an introductory blog about me and Young Consulting. However the last few weeks has made me realise how this blog needs to be written urgently! There are so many amazing tools out there to assist people with employment, the problem is no matter how amazing they are if YOU don't know about them then they are pointless.

So here goes, some of the best online tools to assist you to navigate yourself and not have to wait or rely on someone else to assist you.

Jobs & Skills My favourite website - and so undermarketed! This is a Western Australian State Government initiative.

Land on this page and scroll down to explore this page. You can search any type of job / career / trade etc.. with all the information on what you would need to study, what the career paths are and YouTube videos of people in the job explaining what their day is like.

You can explore Internships / Traineeships / Pre Apprenticeships / Apprenticeships and what the difference is. - available courses - free / 1/2 price - get the job - writing a resume / interview tips / free workshops - Your life experience / transferable skills

Lots and lots of other amazing things on the site - you could spend hours, maybe even days on this site. 😊 If you don't have a computer or internet go to your closest library or Jobs & Skills centre -


Gain construction experience with CTF’s fully funded Try-A-Trade program. Participants get a taste of careers in the building industry and learn what to expect in various trades.

Selected Registered Training Organisations deliver the courses on behalf of CTF at locations throughout Western Australia.

Because CTF funds the program, there is no cost to students or schools to participate.

Free 16 Personalities test

Best profile test - easy and fun to do and receive ongoing updates via email.

Finding a job - different providers explained

Services Australia "Centrelink" - is a safety net to assist you while you are finding your way. It should not become a way of life.

Workforce Australia Services - are organisations that have been awarded a contract from the government to provide services to unemployed people. This is a free service to the unemployed person and the service provider is paid by the Australian Government. There are 2 types of contracts - Workforce Australia Services - and the other contract is for people with a disability and this provider is known as a Disability Services Provider - or DES provider. The DES provider has a smaller caseload than the Workforce Australia provider (used to be know as a Job Active provider) to enable the consultant to provide a more personalised service.

For example APM -

Recruitment Agencies - These are organisations that are paid by companies to find them employees. This service is also free to the job seeker. Recruitment agencies work with multiple companies. They can provide multiple services including - permanent employment / part time work / contract / temporary work

Labour Hire company - A labour hire is a form of employment in which an employer directs their employees ('labour hire employees', or 'agency workers') to perform work at an external workplace, belonging to a client of the legal employer.

In a labour hire arrangement, an employee has no direct employment contract with their place of work.

A Labour-hire agency employs workers who are then ‘on-hired’ to perform labour for a second party organisation. The Labour hire agency is responsible for payment and other employee entitlements. The second party organisation directs the worker tasks.

Labour Hire is a popular form of employment for industries that need manpower for short periods of time, or there are seasonality or other temporal factors reducing the need for direct administrative relationships with employees.

Industries that commonly use labour hire include; construction, landscaping, mining, event management, fruit picking, cleaning, civil (ie. traffic control, labourers), and security.

The hiring of workers from Labour hire companies, provides businesses with extreme flexibility in sourcing labour, and they can alter their workforce rapidly with minimal legal constraints; as the legal employment relationship resides with another employer. i.e. a ‘no-strings-attached’ style.

Example of Labour Hire companies are :

Internal Human Resources

Other ways to find employment is directly through the company. Companies have a department called Human Resources. These are people that work for the company and recruit people either directly or through a recruitment agency or labour hire company. Depending on the size of the company Human Resources will also manage the employment contracts, salary increases, promotions, performance appraisals, salaries etc..

Some companies will "outsource" this function and there are other companies or individuals that do this as a career / business.

There are multiple ways to find jobs - I will leave that for another blog. However SEEK is Australia's number 1 employment site -

That's it for now. Hope this has helped! Please contact me with any questions or request for additional information.

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