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Employment Support

No matter how hard a fish tries to ride a bike, he is never going to be good at it.  It is just not the right environment for him.  However, put that fish in water and watch him be the best fish he can be. 


We are here to help you find your "water".  Find your place, where you can thrive and be happy.

Young Consulting's program works with you 1:1 to explore and discover all the parts of you that make you who you are and assist you to develop a realistic plan for your future.  

NDIS School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) / NDIS Finding and Keeping a Job (FAKAJ) 

  • A personalised service - where you are treated as an individual and an employment plan is created for you as individual as your NDIS plan is.

  • Assist you with vocational training / courses / apprenticeships / traineeships / work experience to help you find all new and exciting career paths

  • Assist you with getting work experience and on the job training with pre selected companies for you to gain practical skills to help you secure your dream job or get started in the industry you want to be in, in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Develop life skills including how to prepare meals / budgeting / group and individual activities 

  • Explore the skills you already have and how to adapt them in a work environment - known as "transferrable skills"

  • Connect you to resources to help you to help yourself, now and in the future

  • Preparing a resume as unique as what you are

  • Training on interview skills / marketing yourself to companies 

  • Exploring paid and volunteer work 

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All Videos

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