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Capacity Building Life Skills 

Employment Related Assessment and                             Counselling

Provide workplace assessment or counselling to assist participants successfully engage in employment.

Exploring different options to access a variety of employment options including:

  • Paid employment

  • Volunteering

  • Work experience

  • Self employment

Workplace assistance

Providing workplace assistance that enables a participant to successfully obtain employment.


This may include supports to:

  • explore what work would mean for them (discovery);

  • build essential foundation skills for work;

  • managing complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment;

  • develop a career plan; and

  • other capacity building supports that are likely to lead to successful engagement in a Disability Employment Service (DES).

Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions and Supports

Providing mentoring, peer support and individual skill development, the support is designed to establish volunteer assistance within the participants home or community to develop skills. 


Assistance in:

  • Navigating the system - Identity / Centrelink etc..

  • Attending  appointments

  • Shopping

  • Bill paying

  • Taking part in social activities

  • Maintaining contact with others

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Providing individual life skills development and training including:

  • Public Transport training and support

  • Developing Skills for:




​          Independence in daily personal activities

  • Provided individually or in a group

School Leaver Support 

School leaver Employment supports (SLES) are capacity building supports for students transitioning from school to employment.

This support is designed to plan and implement a pathway to inclusive employment, focusing on capacity building for goal achievement.

Support delivered on request / Quote

Young Consulting "My Life Plan"

An interactive, personalised program to assist a person to develop a realistic plan for their life.

A persons life is like the 4 legs of a table.  All 4 legs need to be in sink or the "table" will be unlevel and unable to fulfil its purpose.

The course focuses on the following:

Literacy and Numeracy

Mind / Body / Soul

Action Plan for life