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       Young Consulting provides independent services to NDIS Plan Managed participants






Support Coordination


“Tracy has a genuine commitment to helping young people achieve their goals, which included assisting with strategies to build their self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth, providing guidance on goal setting and achieving outcomes, job search skills, motivation, self-care and many other soft skills that are essential for breaking patterns of behaviour that lead to destructive outcomes.  Tracy has a unique ability to motivate and empower people to achieve their goals, along with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and successful outcomes in this area”

“Driven by a giving heart, a lack of judgement and finely tuned business and interpersonal skills.  Tracy took the time and REALLY listened to what the people needed.  We desperately needed someone to stand up and not only make the difference but arm the people with tools to drive themselves forward in the future.  She acted in many areas such as skills training, community aid and disability support (and many more).  As an advocate Tracy sees beyond an individual’s barriers, and assists them by helping them to recognise their own inner strength and potential whilst shinning her beautiful smile and presence which inspires & warms your heart when you spend time with her”

“Tracy is interested in people and what they do.  She is curious about life. Her line of questioning is very challenging and probing, you would think you are talking to a psychologist.  She understands people and a passion to help the disadvantaged.  She is very positive about life and if we all shared her sentiments, then the world would be a better place”

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